July 7, 2016

Guides for Activating DXCCs

Part of The Amateur Foundation’s charter is to “increase the accessibility of funds and information” for DXpedtions.  In addition to our Technology Package, we aim to improve the quantity and quality of information about licensing, travel, lodging, customs, radio operations, and local needs for DXCC entities.

What follows are notes that will grow to a Creative Commons database of guides for activating DXCC entities.  If you are interested in helping to curate or have updated information on visiting a specific DXCC, please contact us!

VK9W – Willis Island

E5/N – North Cook Islands

FO/M – Marquesas Islands

CE0Z – Juan Fernandez Islands

VK9X – Christmas Island

YJ  – Vanuatu

FW – Wallis & Futuna Islands

VK9N – Norfolk Island



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