July 29, 2016


The Amateur Foundation Provides Support to DXPeditions


If you’re planning a DXPedition, consider partnering with The Amateur Foundation.  We provide support to DXPeditions in a variety of ways, all of which can enrich your experience on the trip.  If you’re interested in adding good works to your list of goals, please contact us!

The Amateur Foundation is committed to enhancing charitable efforts by radio amateur and progressing humanitarian, educational, and charitable efforts through amateur radio activities.

Charitable Works

If you’re interested in contribute to the DXCC in a meaningful way, while you’re on the trip, we can help.  We’ll can connect you with local hams, local citizens, local nonprofits, and opportunities.

donationWe can help support your charitable work on the DXPedition with direct financial support of food, educational materials, medical supplies, or environmental cleanup materials.  If you see a need, we can help fill it.  Note: The Amateur Foundation does not “sponsor” DXPeditions, rather we support DXPeditions that undertake charitable efforts.

DXPedition Logistics

packageIf you’ve partnered with The Amateur Foundation, we can take some of the logistical burden off your plate.  Launching a DXPedition can be daunting, and we aim to get hams closer to the places that need help the most.  Contribute to the location you visit in a meaningful way and we’ll contribute to your DXPedition through the Amateur Foundation Tech Package, which includes:

  • DXPedition website hosting – customizable DXPedition website to help keep hams informed
  • Realtime Club Log upload appliances – ClubPi applicance pre-configured for your DXPed
  • In-DXCC Wi-Fi – station-to-station multi-op connectivity with firewalling to limit bandwidth consumption
  • Log processing and statistical analysis – pre- and post- DXPedition statistics
  • Propogation and terrain analysis – maximize your QSOs
  • Pilot dashboard – consolidates information from RBNs, spotting networks, and real-time QSO counts or your pilots