July 29, 2016

For Non-Hams

Primer On DXPeditions

Many amateur radio operators are obsessed with making contact with remote locations.  “Hams” talk to people in countries and territories all over the world.  Hams track their progress with “DX country codes” or “DXCCs,” areas designated based on political or geographic boundaries.

Some DXCC entities (Japan, England, South Africa, for example) have large populations of amateur radio operators present year round.  Others only have a few hams and contacts with these DXCCs are more rare (Antarctica, Guam, Haiti, etc).  Many locations have no native hams (and sometimes no humans!) and hams will make trips to these locations specifically to put them on the air.  These trips are called “DXPeditions.”  These DXCCs may be tiny coral reefs in the Pacific, small island nations, or small countries in Africa.  Of the “most wanted” of DXCCs, many are inhabited, and have huge humanitarian (or environmental) needs.

The Amateur Foundation is exists encourage and help visiting hams in investing their time and effort to address those, while “activating” the location.