July 29, 2016

How Hams Can Help

The Amateur Foundation was started by hams, like you – we care about radio and who want to see hams improving the world.  There are a number of ways you can support The Amateur Foundation, directly and indirectly.  If you have an innovative way to contribute, we want to hear from you!





Give Money

donation $100% of your donations go directly to support charitable works on DXPeditions and DXPeditions with charitable works.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, US amateurs’ contributions are tax-deductible.  The Amateur Foundation is committed to transparency and, when possible, we’ll keep you informed on how your funds used.

Give Time

shovelRadio amateurs represent a remarkable cross-section of society.  Their professional backgrounds are diverse and the incredible variety of skills represented in the community are unparalleled.  Consider donating your time and your skills to support amateur radio and charitable efforts, worldwide.

We can always use technical help, business and administration, logistics and planning assistance, DXPedition piloting, QSL fulfillment, station building, environmental specialists and biologists, medical personnel, and educators.  If you have skills that you think might help, contact us!

Give Goods

donationSupport The Amateur Foundation by donating radio equipment or humanitarian goods.

Donations of medical supplies, bulk non-perishable foods, new clothing, and other appropriate goods can have an immediate and direct impact on people in need.  Your help in building stations in underrepresented regions of the world will leave a lasting impact on the local community as well as the DX community.