July 29, 2016

CE0Z – Juan Fernandez Islands

  1. Travel Options:
    1. Fly into Santiago, ATA flight into Juan Fernandez
      1. Might be a bit difficult as it seems hard to find english information.
      2. There is a charter boat option that seems to be about a day to a day and a half trip each way.
  2. Operations:
    1. Nice size operations in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
    2. It has not been on the air since the last dxped team left in March 2015.
    3. 2013 – XR0ZR Video from their activation
      1. It looks like they ended up chartering two planes to bring the crew and their gear in.
      2. Chartered a boat to shuttle from airport to San Juan Bautista.
      3. Looks like they rented an entire house.
        1. QTH was in a bowl, but looks to have a nice take off to NA.  
        2. These guys ate very well while there.
          1. Local brewery on the island***
      4. 14 day operation.
      5. Folding hex beam, 40m vertical, Siperbeams, 80m vertical, 8 ele 6m yagi, spiderbeam alu masts, 160m vertical.
      6. K3’s , Bandpass filters, microham controllers, QRO
  3. Propagation:
    1. Really nice trans equatorial prop.
    2. Grey line to EU.
    3. Only about 4700 miles to NA.
  4. Loding:
    1. Lodging does not seem to be an issue. There are very nice options on the island. Some of the travel guides suggest various b&b’s on the island.