July 7, 2016


Amateur Foundation

Progressing humanitarian, education, and charitable efforts through amateur radio activities.


Who The Amateur Foundation Is.

The Amateur Foundation is a small public charity with with no at-large membership incorporated and granted 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit status in 2016.  Our Board of Directors can be reached by email at info@amateurfoundation.org.

What The Amateur Foundation Does.

The Amateur Foundation was started to enhance charitable efforts by radio amateurs (“ham radio operators”).  The Amateur Foundation aims to increase the accessibility of funds and information for humanitarian, education, and charitable purposes to radio amateurs travelling abroad.  The Amateur Foundation will steward the promotion of international goodwill both on the airwaves and in all walks of life.

What The Amateur Foundation Has Planned.

The Amateur Foundation has some epic stuff planned.  Lorem Ipso

How You Can Get Involved.

Your involvement is critical to the success of The Amateur Foundation.

Money: Your tax-deductible monetary donation pairs the know-how and will of amateur radio operators with needs in the countries and small island nations that they often visit.